The NQT Promise: Our Offer to You

Church schools are proud of their Christian foundation and endeavour to ensure that a Christian ethos underpins the educational experience for pupils.  This includes respecting the different faiths of other pupils in school. The NQT Promise below outlines this and our offer to you.

Teaching in a Church School in Birmingham Diocese: Your Guarantee

Begin your career as a teacher in a Church of England School in Birmingham Diocese and you can expect:

  • to have your full entitlement of 10% Planning, Preparation and Assessment time (PPA);
  • an additional 10% New qualified teacher (NQT) non-contact time;
  • an assigned mentor to help you review and plan your journey to achieving teacher standards;
  • personalised Continuous Professional Development programme;
  • opportunity to meet other NQTs at relevant training programmes;
  • a head teacher that is committed to equal opportunities for all staff and children regardless of faith, gender, or sexuality;
  • a school that values personal faith and has a strong distinctive ethos.
  • to be given opportunities post NQT to develop in leadership.


Church of England Schools seek:

  • to commit to attracting and retaining staff members (including linking with Initial Teacher Training);
  • to create an inclusive working environment welcoming teachers of all faiths and none.
  • to offer the highest quality of teaching and learning;
  • to provide the appropriate support and development for all their staff;
  • to value pupils, independent of their achievements or success;
  • to recognise every pupil as an individual and uniquely special to God;
  • to provide freedom for pupils and adults to express or practise their faith without fear of prejudice or bullying, as appropriate;
  • to provide pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum giving young people an opportunity to develop their whole person, including music, residential experiences and the arts - regardless of their ability to pay.
  • to make Christian ethos and distinctiveness evident throughout the school;
  • to safeguard all their staff and young people.

We offer opportunities to develop your career in a variety of different types of church schools (inner city, rural, large, small, academies, local authority schools).

The Church of England in Birmingham seeks to serve God by encouraging excellence in their schools. Whilst we recognise that not all teachers will share our beliefs, we seek to recruit staff who share our ethos and values.

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