4 Key Objectives for 2020

People & Places is the new framework in which the Church of England Birmingham operates, enables its leaders, and lives out its Vision for “growing churches at the heart of each community”.

The Priorities for 2020, detailed below, enable us to achieve our goals of creating a SUSTAINABLE platform for GROWTH, sharing resources FAIRLY and building a CAPABLE church, with clergy & lay, leading together in teams

1.    Formation of the Deanery Project Teams

There are six deanery project teams, one for each new deanery. A deanery project team oversees the implementation of the People & Places framework. Each project team is made up of: full-time area dean, lay chair, archdeacon, clergy, lay representatives, People & Places team members.

A deanery project team will be responsible for the following:

  • Defining and formation of the oversight areas within the deanery
  • Managing the deanery action plan to shape the deanery (mission)
  • Resource allocation (including context ministry)
  • Governance such as managing risk, the project plan, communications, project objectives & goals
  • Support & encourage a culture of growth

We are aiming to complete the recruitment of our Area Deans by the end of the year.

2.    To shape the new deaneries and define oversight areas

A deanery project team will shape the architecture of the new deanery including its oversight areas. The team will take the statistics provided by the draft target architecture and apply local knowledge to determine what the oversight areas might look like. There will then follow a period of discernment where further input is provided from the parishes to understand where collaborations and generosity can be established, or expanded, to get to the final oversight architecture for that deanery.

3.    For parishes to be engaged in the TCAP process

Our parishes and worshipping communities are refreshing their Transforming Church Action plans – and many are creating new ones to inspire and focus their mission for up to the next 5 years.

These plans will be at both parish & deanery level and will guide us as we grow a mixed economy of worshipping communities, with New Christian Communities, church plants and fresh expressions springing up alongside inherited congregations. All parishes need to engage in the TCAP process to realise our joint goals of increasing mission and ministry across our region.

We have successfully recruited a TCAP Facilitator, TCAP Enabler and will soon be adding a support officer to complete the team to support and help facilitate.

4.    To make use of parish support services

Parish support services are provided under People & Places to help resource our new deaneries. The following parish services are available:

  • HR Advisory Service 
  • Parish Church Building Services 
  • Bookkeeping Service 
  • Stewardship Support
  • Communications Support

We have successfully recruited several roles dedicated to providing these services in order to support all our new deaneries. Further information about  Context Ministry will be available in due course.