Coronavirus Guidance and Resources For Churches

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Please see below updates of important directives and guidance in this fast moving crisis. We trust that these new arrangements will be part of the support for all those serving Jesus Christ in church and society.

Your three key sources of up-to-date advice, guides and instructions:

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Latest Updates

Last updated: Monday 8 March, 13:47

National CofE Coronavirus guidance update

The National CofE Coronavirus guidance for churches has updated its menu on the CofE Website coronarvirus guidance page, published Friday at 15:15. There is a new section titled ‘What are the stages of the government roadmap’, which includes a concise infographic.
CofE website coronarvirus guidance page.


Tuesday 12 January, 17:44

The national CofE team have updated their Coronavirus guidance pages with the following:

Updated documents:

Updated/New FAQ:

  • Is singing permitted? (in Prayer and worship) - further update in light of amended Government Guidance. 

Weddings can currently only take place in exceptional circumstances, but a number of CofEB churches have bookings for couples who have already had to postpone their service. As banns can only be called in an actual service of public worship, a Common Licence may be required at a future date if services in some church buildings resume at different times. The fee for this has reverted to the usual £200, but in cases of particular hardship, please consult your Archdeacon. 
A few questions have arisen across CofEB about critical worker status for clergy – the Government advice is linked below, and the Archdeacons are happy to discuss this further if that would be helpful:


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