Green Journey, Carbon Footprint Reduction

Following the new target set by the Church of England for all parts of the church to work to become carbon ‘net zero’ by 2030, the Church of England Birmingham is promoting a new 'green energy' scheme with you which is tailored to fit the needs of our churches. 

Green Energy Consulting is offering a renewable energy procurement scheme for our churches.  Green Journey procures 100% renewable energy suppliers for both gas and electricity for churches, with no upfront costs.  Often this results in savings on fuel bills.  Green Energy Consulting will review your energy consumption and assess how you use your building.

They will then provide you with a free report which includes information about your current carbon footprint, but most importantly information about how you can reduce your energy usage, energy saving solutions, together with indicative costs and pay-back times. Green Journey also off smart meter installation, VAT checks and a varied procurement service for energy saving solutions. All of this is offered free of charge with no obligation to sign up to one of their renewable tariff packages.

Most importantly, this will strengthen our commitment to the fifth Mark of Mission, which calls us to ‘strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth’. Using renewable energy suppliers for your gas and/or electricity will significantly reduce your church's carbon foot-print, raise awareness of the need for energy efficiency and support you in working for an Eco Church award. Across Leeds Diocese, the average annual savings per church is £800, with an average annual carbon reduction of 2 tonnes (equivalent to a return flight to Sydney or 6,000 miles in a car).

The Church of England Birmingham encourages all churches to consider taking advantage of this free and no-obligation opportunity. To pay professionally for a similar audit could cost you hundreds of pounds.  Even if your current energy contracts have some time to run, there are advantages in having an energy survey carried out and looking at prospective pricing now.  If you are interested in using this scheme, please contact:

Mark Rudhall, Business Development Manager: [email protected] / 0191 300 6161/ 07521 295468.