Next WoD module from April 2021: Joining in with the Spirit

“Joining in with the Spirit”

This is the third module in the Way of Discipleship and begins on Zoom in April 2021. Please click here for information about booking.  You can book up to 15th April 2021.

If you are interested in facilitating the module, please contact Guy Donegan-Cross at:  [email protected]  

The module aims to build confidence, and offer very practical equipping in the areas of mission and the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  Whereas the first two modules are focussed on “Who am I in Christ?”, this module is more about “What am I here for?” and “How does God lead me in that?”.

All the Way of Discipleship modules are about being changed, as well as being informed, combining teaching, demonstration, personal response and helpful accountability.

The five sessions cover:

  • Session 1: The big picture: God’s mission and the Spirit. 

What is God up to in the world?  What is mission?  Who is the Holy Spirit?  Why is mission “Joining in with the Spirit?”

  • Session 2: Every area of life matters. 

What is a vision for mission in my daily work?  How do I avoid splitting life up into sacred and secular?  

  • Session 3:  Discipling others, sharing faith naturally. 

What does it mean to “disciple other people”?  How do I do this?  Are we all evangelists?  What’s the best way of sharing faith naturally?  What about other faiths?  Difficult questions?

  • Session 4:  Being a missional church. 

How do we best do mission together?  What are good ways to promote church growth?  Should we plant?  How do we engage with our community?

  • Session 5:  The transformation of world and community. 

How do we seek genuine transformation?  How does intercession and fasting help, and work?  What are the priorities for us in the modern world?