Next WoD module from June 2021: Knowing the story and Bible Confidence

If you are interested in joining the module, please contact Guy Donegan-Cross. You can book up to 14th June 2021.

The module aims to build confidence, and offer very practical equipping in the areas of knowing how to read the Bible, alone and with others, and how to see our discipleship as part of the big story of Scripture. 

All the Way of Discipleship modules are about being changed, as well as being informed, combining teaching, demonstration, personal response and helpful accountability.

The five sessions cover:

Session 1:  What is the Bible and how to read it.  Know about the timeline, geography and languages of scripture.  Engage with the different genres of the Bible – poetry, wisdom, prophets - in a way that nourishes. Understand the nature and purpose of the Bible and what it means that Scripture is divine and human.  Think about how to interpret it well.

Session 2: Creation and Calling.  Relate the story of creation, fall, and the calling of God’s people to my own experience.  Experience my faith through knowledge and experience of the Jewish story in Scripture. Experience reading Scripture as a personal, living word. 

Session 3:  Freedom and Longing.  Relate the story of Exodus, Exile and Messianic hope to my own experience.  Be equipped to interpret difficult parts of Scripture.

Session 4: Gospels and Kingdom.  Understand the nature of the four gospels and key features of Jesus as located in the big story of Scripture. Be equipped to lead and read the Scripture with others in a way that aids discipleship.         

Session 5: Church and Future Hope.  Overview of NT letters and Revelation.  Relate an understanding of the early church to my own experience.  Relate the hope and message of Revelation to the narrative of Scripture and my own experience.  Interpret the Bible in relation to contemporary contexts using an example from Paul.  Be equipped to grow in reading the Bible regularly.