How To...

These sessions give practical tips and advice on how to tell stories effectively through a variety of mediums, and we hope they will be useful to you. Together we can tell stories about what God is doing in our lives and our communities so that more people can hear the good news. You can find the videos below, with links to the presentations for further reading and guidance. 

01 Why Tell Stories?

An introductory session exploring the importance of story in our world today. Stories are powerful... Stories create meaning... Stories are how we find common ground. 


02 Making Films on a Budget

In this session Ben Poffley outlines how to create films on a limited or non-existent budget, using professional equipment or your smartphone. Download the Presentation


03 Writing & Blogging

In this session Fiona Handscomb explores how to write effectively online and for the press. Download the Presentation


04 How to Take Great Photos

In this session Ben Poffley takes us through how to use your smartphone or DSLR to take great photos, focussing on the basics of composition and techniques. Download the Presentation


05 Design: Making Things Look Awesome!

In this session Ben Poffley explores how design is a really powerful communication tool and by mastering some simple techniques you can make your messages look awesome!  Download the Presentation


06 Sharing Your Story

In this session Fiona Handscomb and Ben Poffley unpack how to use social media effectively to share your story, and how to get your story to the press. Download the Presentation