Working with the Press

Working with the press can be really useful way of sharing your stories. They are often able to reach wider audiences than you can within  your own networks. A key thing to remember when working with the press, however, is that you lose control of your story - it becomes their story. So do have a think about whether writing a press release is the best way to get your story seen.

It may be that using other methods e.g. social media platforms could work better in getting your stories out in the way that you want to the people that you want to reach. 

Contacting the Press

Press and media outlets publish contact details for their newsdesks, editors and occasionally individual journalists on their websites so you can find who to send your story to. Many journalists also pick up stories on Twitter and other social media platforms. Following journalists on social media can be a useful way of finding out about their areas of interest and recently published stories. 

If you are thinking of writing a feature rather than a news story for a specific publication, you need to contact features editors individually; introducing yourself and specifically outlining how your feature will contribute to their work in the publication.  

Sharing your story

If you're interested in exploring ways of sharing your story (including with the press) then you can watch our guide video on 'Sharing your story' on our How To page.

The following documents are useful guides for dealing with a media crisis in your church and writing a great press release: