​Acts 435

5th February 2020

Acts 435 is a free resource for UK churches and charities who are working with those in need, or who are seeking to begin a ministry with those who are in need, and would like to find an additional way to help lift those individuals' burdens.

It is our great honour to have Archbishop Sentamu as our Patron, to have his incredible support for our work and his encouragement as we seek to serve more churches and communities around the UK. We are delighted that this year marks 10 years of Acts 435 helping people in need, but as we look forward we want to help so many more - which is why we are contacting you. To date we have received and given out over £2,000,000 for individual needs, and we would love to work with you in order to bless the people in your local community too!

Through online giving, Acts 435 directly connects those who want to give with those in genuine need of their help. We do this through a network of local churches and charities; once their leadership has approved the partnership, these organisations appoint an Acts 435 representative called the Advocate. It's very simple to use- the appointed Advocate can be trained and operational in less than a week, and can then post requests for help to the Acts 435 website on behalf of people in need in their community.

Acts 435 is primarily about meeting small needs (such as a bed, school shoes, a debt relief order or travel costs), but through the financial support people have received they have also had their self-esteem boosted and seen God's love in action.

To find out more about this free resource, or to sign up and get started now, please visit https://acts435.org.uk/join or email [email protected]

We look forward to partnering with you as you work to serve those in need in your community!