Bishop's Comment: Making choices

30th June 2020

Before TV ‘Love Island’ there was Radio ‘Desert Island Discs’ where the castaway is left finally with the Bible, the Complete Works of Shakespeare, a luxury of their choice and their favourite track of music. During the programme the subject tells the story of their lives.

In our current disruption and isolation how would you tell your story in under 40 minutes and what  would be your choice of luxury and music?

Where Love Island narrows life to young relationships Desert Island admits all kinds of life experiences.

The Bible says that a human is ‘wonderfully made’ and created ‘in the image of God’. That image is spoiled by sin, personally, in our relationships and in the structures of society. Although the Island programmes make little or no reference to Faith, they may help us clarify our own priorities by showing what we do not want to be or by giving a surprising example of to what we might aspire.

Making choices has never been so complicated whether in forming a family, making a household, finding an occupation or taking social action.

In Lord Jesus can be found a way, truth and life for humans to learn from our mistakes and step forward in forgiven, forgiving love. Again in the Bible you and I together are encouraged ‘by the mercies of God’ to ‘be transformed by the renewing of your minds, that you may discern what is the will of God...perfect, acceptable and true'. (Romans 12:1-2) So consider the good and bad of your story so far. What one ‘luxury’ would you keep? Enjoy the best music. Share your findings with someone else.

Most importantly submit your all to Lord Jesus and so be part of his new society, free to serve Him in one another.

Rt Revd David Urquhart
Bishop of Birmingham