Container lorry to Malawi

30th September 2020

Due to continuing Coronavirus restrictions, the Malawi Task Group has reluctantly decided that we cannot satisfactorily send a container lorry to Malawi this year.

Loading the lorry usually takes a team of at least 6-8 volunteers working in the confined space of the lorry for at least 6 hours - and we feel we cannot realistically ask this of people. Provisionally we have set a new date of Saturday 27 March 2021.

The better news is that, although there were concerns in July/early August that COVID-19 was getting out of control in Malawi, since then matters have stabilised. To date 176 deaths due to COVID-19 have been recorded and, although this figure is unlikely to be fully accurate, it is clear that the virus has not hit Malawi to anything like the extent it has the UK and other places.

Please pray for the people of Malawi because the country has been badly affected economically by the pandemic - and its economy can ill afford this.