Malawi Container Lorry 2022

23rd March 2022

For the last 17 years, a container lorry has taken items donated by people in Birmingham from here to Malawi. This year the lorry is to be loaded on Saturday 11 June.

People in Malawi value many items being sent, including children`s clothing and shoes (and sometimes adult clothing and shoes), any books written in English, stationery, basic first aid, materials, sewing machines, footballs and simple children`s games/toys, lap tops and sturdy bicycles.  As a result of serious floods in parts of Southern Malawi pots, pans and basic kitchen equipment would also be useful to send this year to replace what people have lost. To avoid attracting customs` duties, however, most items should be second hand

Because of the appallingly volatile situation in the world fuel market, it is not yet known what it will cost to send the lorry this year. In recent years, the cost to Birmingham Diocese has worked out at approximately £6 per cubic foot. Clearly in 2022 it will be much more than this. However, any contributions (whether £6 per cubic ft, higher or lower) from those sending items or from any others will be gratefully appreciated. If individuals wish not only to donate but also to gift aid their donation, better still. People will be able to make contributions on 11 June itself (and also to sign gift aid forms) but can also make them by contacting accounts at In the probably unlikely event this year that contributions exceed the cost of sending the lorry, the Malawi Task Group may use the excess to support other suitable causes in Malawi at its discretion.

To avoid running out of space on the lorry we do ask people who wish to use the container to contact Denese Ryan and to book their required cubic feet of space by 20 May. When space is booked, Denese will give out instructions for 11 June including labels, forms, codes and, eventually, timings.

People may choose to send items to particular people, places or organisations in Malawi - in which case they will need to specify their chosen recipients to Denese. Alternatively, if people do not have any particular recipients in mind, they should inform Denese and she and the Task Group will then consider suitable recipients.

The items on the container lorry bring great joy to our brothers and sisters in Malawi every year. Please do consider contributing. If you have any questions the Revd Paul Bracher will be happy to assist. 

Thank you from The Malawi Task Group