The Difference Course

30th September 2020

Archbishop Justin Welby has a vision for the church to be a reconciling presence in the midst of conflict. In a conflicted and hurting world, many of us long for our faith to have a positive impact, but in the messiness of life it can be hard to know where to start. We believe that God is in the business of restoring brokenness and transforming relationships, and that we are called to take part. Archbishop Justin has brought together leading peace-making thinkers and practitioners to create a 5-session course to help you encounter others well, cross divides and see society transformed.

Difference is a 5 session course that explores what it means to follow Jesus in the face of conflict and see transformation through everyday encounters.

The course has 5 sessions:

  • God’s Call
  • Crossing Divides
  • Disagreeing Well
  • Practising Forgiveness
  • Courage as Community

The session will use a combination of:

  • Films – stories from Christians facing conflict
  • Bible – Jesus dealing with difference and division Interactive exercises
  • Prayer
  • Discussion

Places are limited. Click here to register, or contact Sharon Prentis for more information.

Below is information for each booked session:

Session 1 - 12/10/2020 19:00-20:30
Session 2 - 19/10/2020 19:00-20:30

Half Term

Session 302/11/2020  19:00-20:30
Session 4 - 09/11/2020  19:00-20:30
Session  516/11/2020  19:00-20:30
Follow on Reflective Session7/12/2020  19:00-20:30