Coaching and Mentoring

What is Coaching and Mentoring in Church of England Birmingham?

Coaching is…

A time-limited, structured conversation between you and a coach, where you choose the topic.  A coaching conversation can be a full hour’s engagement or as little as ten minutes. The point is for you to gain new insight on what matters most to you and turn that insight into action.  Longer term, effective coaching builds resilience and confidence in the role. 

Mentoring is…

A longer, broader deeper journey, which sees you as a whole person. It involves faithful people journeying alongside one another in a relationship of trust.   We hold the space and give you time to flourish. It’s all about you and your story, with God at the centre.

Coaching & Mentoring are:

  • Safe places to talk and feel heard
  • Confidential
  • Simple, supportive, and challenging 
  • Particularly effective in times of transition  
  • Prayerfully seeking to work through grace 
  • Intentional 
  • Dynamic
  • Mutually transformative

Coaching & Mentoring are not: 

  • Counselling, therapy, spiritual direction, or training 
  • About ‘improving your technique’ 
  • Sources of expert advice 
  • An unending commitment  


Sometimes working with your peer group is the best solution

Peer mentoring is a chance to...

  • Check in with one another as mentors
  • Offer mutual support
  • Share best practice in a safe space
  • Be accountable to one another

Sometimes we know things need to change…

But we don’t always know how to make that change happen.  We can get so comfortable in doing things the way they have always been, ‘it’s just our tradition, it’s just our culture’ we say.

But God is change.  God is transformative.  God is dynamic.  God is relational.

God is calling us to live out the purpose he has set before us.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made in His image, yet for some of us, we sense that we might not be living out our full purpose in being the best version of ourselves. We may have hidden our gifts, talents, and abilities or perhaps we have been discouraged from shining.

The problem is that others miss out on being impacted by us if our light remains under a bushel.   We are diverse and authentic people with our own special ways of seeing and doing things.  We all have our different ways of bringing light; simply by being in relation to others. 

To dare to be who we really think God is calling us to be can be scary. 

Sometimes we need someone to journey alongside us, to encourage us to move out of our limited ways of being.  The process of changing any culture, “the way it’s always been”, begins with changing hearts and minds. We aim to do that one conversation at a time.

We recognise that this is the work of the Holy Spirit and coaching & mentoring are great ways of facilitating this journey.  Our presence can set the atmosphere, bring peace where there is chaos, and insight to replace confusion. 

Perhaps now is the time to arise, to let yourself be seen and known. 


How to find out more

Further information about the programme will be available soon. In the meantime if you’d like to register your interest in mentoring and/or coaching or if you have any questions at all, please do get in touch with

John 10:10 I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.