Coaching is a time-limited, structured conversation between you and a coach, where you choose the topic.  A coaching conversation can be a full hour’s engagement or as little as ten minutes. The point is for you to gain new insight on what matters most to you and turn that insight into action.  Longer term, effective coaching builds resilience and confidence in the role. 

Coaching training 

We have three learning offerings which might interest you. 

  • Coaching 101 - This Pathways module introduces you to a transformative, empowering discipline that simply unlocks human potential. You can find this offering on the Pathways Learning Platform by following the link here.
  • Resourcing Effective Conversations - Combines online resources with two live sessions, where two experienced coaches will introduce you to coaching style conversations by enabling you to have a go in a safe environment. You can enrol to this training by following the link here
  • Transforming Conversations - An intensive course which is primarily focussed around developing church leadership. To enquire about taking part, please in the first instance have a conversation with your Oversight Minister, or if you’re an Oversight Minister, your Area Dean.

How to find out more

If you’d like to register your interest in coaching or if you have any questions at all, please do get in touch with

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