Intercultural Awareness

Intercultural logo, heart shape made up by different coloured hands within a pink ringEach time we encounter individuals from different backgrounds or life experiences we engage interculturally. How we negotiate meaning and communicate effectively is important to mutual flourishing. The aim of this session is to increase our understanding of what it means to authentically relate to one another based on the awareness and ways of being, which are culturally constructed.

The training will consider the following:

  • What is culture and the various forms of cultural expression?
  • Models of intercultural communication and competence
  • Biblical perspectives on what it means to embrace diversity

We are now offering our Intercultural Awareness training as blended learning approach. This includes two stages - in Stage 1, you will digest what Intercultural Awareness is along with some key learnings on our new Pathways Learning Platform. Then you will be able to book to attend Stage 2 which is a group session with a trainer, looking at what you have learnt, and explore what strategies you can develop in your context to reduce affinity, perception & confirmation biases.

To take part in Intercultural Awareness training, please follow the link below, create a Pathways Learning Platform account, or log in if you already have an account and enrol for Intercultural Awareness (this module can be found in the homepage category ‘Foundations’).

Once you have completed Stage 1 of the Intercultural Awareness training on the Pathways Learning Platform, please send an email to the Pathways team, and you will be added to the waiting list for the next available Stage 2 group session.

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