Next W o D module from Feb 2021: Becoming Like Christ

'Becoming like Christ' is the second module in the Way of Discipleship and begins on Zoom in February 2021. 

Click here for information about booking.  You can book up to 28th January 2021.

If you are interested in facilitating the module, please contact [email protected]  There is a training session for those who want it at 10am or 7pm on Tuesday 19th January 2021.

It shapes our thinking by giving us an understanding of who Jesus is and what He came to do through His life, death, resurrection and ascension.

It shapes our character to become more like Him by looking at how we change and the kind of practices that grow Christlike self-giving love in us. 

It also looks at how God sees and uses the difficult times in our lives.

It will increase your wonder and understanding of Christ, and enable you to grow and change as His disciple.

Session 1: Jesus – His life. 

Why do disciples aim to “become like Christ”?  What did Jesus show about the Kingdom of God and what does that reveal about becoming like Him?  What was Jesus’ favourite title for Himself and how does this affect discipleship?  How can a human being be God?  How did Jesus demonstrate a spiritually healthy life?

Session 2: Jesus – His death. 

Does thinking I need forgiveness lead to low self-esteem?  In what ways do we need to be realistic about approaching God?  What did Jesus do for us on the cross?  What helps me understand Jesus’ death?  Did Jesus protect us from an angry Father?  How does Jesus’ life and death help me to become like Christ in my lived experience?  How do I receive salvation in my lived experience?  How does the habit of confession help in this and change me?

Session 3:  Becoming like Christ in my priorities: letting Christ be Lord. 

How much does Christ deserve to be at the centre of my life and why?  Did Jesus claim to be defeating evil? How does this help us understand what the atonement means?  How does this make Jesus Lord?  What does this mean for my life and priorities?  Why does Jesus challenge people so much about money and material goods?  How do I have a heart like Christ’s towards money?  What lifestyle will help me become more Christlike in a materialistic world?

Session 4:  Becoming like Christ in my relationships and character – choosing self-giving love over worldly power. 

What is Christian character?  What does this show about the main way God works in the world?  Doesn’t this make God look weak?  How do I become like Christ in my relationships?  Can I really become the kind of Christlike person who can agape others - loving enemies and forgiving those who hurt me?  How do I give God the space to change me?  How much is God’s work, and how much is mine?

Session 5:  Becoming like Christ in difficult times – choosing hope and honesty in the battles of life – part one. 

Should life be easy for a disciple who is becoming like Christ?  What does God say will ultimately happen to His whole creation?  What happens after to me death?  How might I personally experience life after death?  Why can I be confident in the resurrection?  How do disciples see death?

Session 6:  Becoming like Christ in difficult times – choosing hope and honesty in the battles of life – part two. 

How should I feel about God judging me and others?  If Jesus has overcome evil, why is there still so much suffering?  How do we become like Christ in suffering?  How can God really suffer and how does this help me?  Does everything happen for a reason and is doubt a bad thing?  How honest can I be about my pain to God?  Do I pray to the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit?  What does “God’s discipline” mean and how do I resist temptation?  How can I live with hope as a disciple?  Why is Jesus’ ascension essential for disciples?