Schools that are non-Church Schools can affiliate to their diocese if their Governing Body so chooses and if the appropriate Governance of the diocese the reside in, agrees. This does not mean that they become a Church school, but it does give them a greater connection to their local Church and access to the services that the Education team offers.

We currently have one Secondary school and three Primary schools affiliated to us.

As a school, we will:

  • Ensure high standards and expectations concerning the teaching and learning of pupils, in all areas including RE & Collective worship
  • Celebrate and acknowledge the importance of spirituality and faith to our school life
  • Build positive relations with our local Parish church
  • Support events organised by the local church and publicise these where possible.
  • Acknowledge our affiliation with the Diocesan Board of Education in materials produced and published by the school
  • Join the Diocesan Partnership agreement and participate in Diocesan training events where possible.

As a diocese, we will:

  • Offer support and advice to the school, particularly in areas of specialist knowledge and experience.
  • Invite the school to participate in appropriate training opportunities
  • Visit the school periodically, in a spirit of shared enterprise, upon invitation from the Headteacher.

As a local Church community we will:

  • Regularly pray for the school.
  • Support and enrich the spiritual life and worship of the school, in consultation with the Headteacher and the Governing Body
  • Ensure we maintain strong links with the school in close co-operation with the Headteacher and the Governing Body
  • Support events organised by the school and publicise these where possible
  • Where appropriate, offer pastoral support to individual pupils, staff and families, to provide spiritual support in times of need, serious illness, bereavement etc
  • Acknowledge the affiliation in materials produced and published by the Church.


Affiliated Schools: FAQs

What are affiliated schools?

Affiliated schools are schools that have entered into an informal time-limited partnership with their Parish and the diocese the reside in for mutual benefit. Affiliation formalises an existing link between a local Church and a school and connects that school into the Diocesan structures.

What are the benefits to the school?

It allows the school permission to give spirituality of the child a higher profile and makes worship more significant to the school. It also links the school into the local Church (with a clear commitment to its continuation even if the Vicar moves on) and the school gets some diocesan support (see below for further details).

What are the benefits to the Church?

It formalises the links that are already established. The Church will then pray for the school and seek to strengthen its links with it. Furthermore the link with the Church is sustained even if the head teacher moves on.

What are the benefits to the children?

Children’s spirituality is allowed to develop and faith is recognised as important and valuable in developing the whole child. It does not mean creating lots of 'little Christians' but it does give children (and staff) permission to explore spirituality.

What is the process?

When a Church and school are working well together, they could agree to be formally affiliated. This would need the agreement of the PCC and Governing body and would require consultation with staff, parents and the church congregation.

After this, a document is signed by the school, church and the diocesan team in wihch the school resides. This sets out what is expected by each party, essentially the school agrees to build on the relationship with the Church and celebrate the contribution of faith in the school life. The Church agrees to support and pray for the school. This is time limited and renewable every four years.

What does a Diocese affliation offer?

Diocesan staff and would be available to offer advice and support to affiliated schools. You could also access Diocesan training events and have access to advice from the four Diocesan officers.

Would we have to pay for any of this?

No - but schools could join the Diocesan partnership agreement if they wish. This costs less than £1000 and enables the school to access considerable reductions on the costs of training events and other benefits.

Does it affect school Governing bodies or admission policies?


Can schools move from being affiliated to a full church school?

Yes, but they would have to go through the full consultation process.


For further information, contact Barrie Scott.

Find out how to become an affiliated school in the document below.

Draft Model Affiliation Agreement


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