Church Inspections

Churches must organise for a church building inspection to be carried out once every five years, if it is responsible for a place of worship that is under Faculty. 

The five-yearly inspection of the church building is called a Quinquennial Inspection. The inspection must be carried by a suitably experienced and qualified professional, appointed after consultation with the DAC. The Quinquennial Inspector will produce a written report for the church which sets out the Inspector’s findings, observations and recommendations in terms of repairs and maintenance.

The Quinquennial Inspection report is a key document in helping a church to plan for the regular care and maintenance of its church building, so that it stays in good repair and is a safe environment for its users. The cost of the report is met by the Birmingham Diocesan Board of Finance on a fixed scale.

The following documents providing further information about the Quinquennial Inspection process:

Birmingham Diocesan Scheme for the Inspection of Churches

List of available Church Inspectors

Price bands for Quinquennial Inspections

Commissioning Quinquennial Inspection Reports

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