Past Cases Review 2

PCR2, believed to be the most extensive file review undertaken by the Church, was commissioned after an independent scrutiny team concluded that the original Past Cases Review (PCR) in 2007 was not a thorough process with particular criticism of lack of survivor engagement. PCR2 was carried out by independent reviewers across all 42 dioceses, as well as Lambeth and Bishopthorpe Palaces and the National Safeguarding Team (NST)’ – Church of England press release.

In a foreword, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York said:

“...We sincerely apologise for our failures and want to reach out to those who are still suffering from the pain and misery they endured. We extend this apology to wider family members affected from this past abuse. We are so sorry that this ever happened. It was not your fault and you are not to blame. We should have been better at listening and responding to survivors’ and victims’ concerns. Our faith compels us to take safeguarding with the utmost seriousness; to prevent abuse from occurring; responding appropriately where it has in support of our undertaking to making church communities and institutions safer places."

The PCR2 report can be read in full on the Church of England website.

Bishop David stated,

'I welcome the publication of the Church of England Past Cases Review (PCR2) and fully support the recommendations. The CofE Birmingham will continue in its commitment to listen to survivors and victims, to implement and develop robust safeguarding practices in all of the Church’s settings and seeking to have a lasting impact on the culture of CofE Birmingham.

Continued reference to the voice of survivors and an on-going programme of education and training, seeks to address and increase safeguarding skills and knowledge. I’m grateful for the determination and courage of victims and survivors and also extend thanks to all Safeguarding colleagues and for the oversight of the CofEB independent chair, for their dedication to the Review. I invite further engagement with this continuing profound and serious journey to ensure the Church is a safe space for all.'

The Rt. Revd David Urquhart
Bishop of Birmingham


The Executive Summary for the Church of England Birmingham

Following the commissioning of the national Past Cases Review 2 (PCR2) in July 2019, an independent reviewer was selected for the Church of England Birmingham.

The previous review (PCR1) dealt with cases relating to children. For PCR2, all Known Cases held by the Diocesan Safeguarding Officer (DSO), including those relating to vulnerable adults, were submitted. The Reviewer also examined files covering Clergy, Readers and DBF Employees.  Also included in the Church of England Birmingham submission was the separate review relating to retired clergy, which was commissioned by the Bishop of Birmingham in 2014.  

As part of the review process, a letter was sent to every CofE Birmingham parish to confirm that the DSO had been notified of all known current and non-current safeguarding concerns about any parish officer, employee or volunteer.

A letter was sent to police authorities and the social services departments covering the CofE Birmingham, informing them of the review.

The CofE Birmingham welcomes the publication of the national CofE PCR2 report and supports implementation of its recommendations. Our commitment to being a safe church includes vigilance in case management and an on-going programme of education and training with regular reviews, alongside our intentional journey to learn how best to support and listen to victims and survivors.


The Church of England Birmingham is committed to promoting a safer church for everyone including those who are survivors of abuse. If you have any concerns about a child, young person or adult who may be vulnerable, or someone who works/volunteers for the Church of England Birmingham, please contact: Bishop's Safeguarding Adviser by telephoning 07342 993 844, or complete our online referral form.

The Church of England Birmingham Diocesan Safeguarding Team can be contacted by phone or email. Visit the safeguarding pages on our website for details.

To talk to someone independently, call the Safe Spaces helpline on 0300 303 1056 or visit the Safe Spaces website.

For other support services please contact your Local Authority, or telephone the Domestic Violence Helpline 0808 2000 247

For press and media enquiries,
Journalists can contact the national Church of England press office on 020 7898 1326 (07774 800212 at evenings and weekends) or email.
Please note, the out-of-hours number cannot receive text messages.

For press and media enquiries, you may also contact the Director of Communications for Church of England Birmingham,
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