Digital Giving

Digital giving refers to donations made using a bank card or smart device, such as a mobile phone, either via a contactless donation unit or through an online giving page accessed though a QR code or web browser. During the pandemic, many of us became accustomed to using contactless payments in shops and, as we increasingly move towards being a cashless society, we know that having the ability to accept digital donations is going to be key for many churches in the years to come.

"The easier it is to give, the less ‘friction’ there is in giving, the more likely people are to give. The way people use money is changing, and that means the way people give is changing too, and we need to acknowledge that in the mechanisms we offer. Good practice with mechanisms is all about providing the ways to give in an accessible, visible, simple, straight forward way. It’s also about ensuring that whatever way people give, they are thanked for their gift."

 Jonathan de Bernhardt-Wood, National Giving Adviser

Contactless Giving

In the last 10 years, the use of cash has slowly diminished and now twice the value and volume of payments are made by card and contactless methods compared to cash. 

Benefits of contactless giving:

  • Suits our increasingly cashless society
  • Ideal for occasional vistors (baptisms, weddings)
  • A safe and secure way to give
  • Receive payments
    • PCC fees eg. weddings, banns, funerals
    • Sales eg. event tickets, cafes 

For a lot of churches, switching to using contactless giving is an intimidating prospect. However, please don’t be put off as there is support available to help you when setting up contactless giving. Parish Buying have a wide range of contactless solutions that can work around your budget, internet and network status and you can click here to find out more.

In October 2022, we launched a Try Before You Buy Contactless Device Loan Scheme. For more information, click here.

Online Giving

Online giving refers to donations made through a web browser whether through a smart device (phone or tablet), laptop or desktop computer. Links to your giving page can be shared in a number of ways:

  • Church website
  • Social media
  • A Church Near You
  • Mailing lists
  • During online services
  • QR codes

Parish Buying have developed an online giving service for churches. For more information, to access special rates and step by step instructions visit their website here

For any Digital Giving queries and for assistance in getting set up, please contact the Finance team.

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