Coronavirus Guidance and Resources For Churches

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Please see below updates of important directives and guidance in this fast moving crisis. We trust that these new arrangements will be part of the support for all those serving Jesus Christ in church and society.

Your three key sources of up-to-date advice, guides and instructions:

For Government Updates click here

For NHS Updates click here

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Latest Updates

Changes to COVID-19 restriction from Monday 14 September (10/09/20)

From this Monday churches may continue socially distanced acts of worship and remain open for private prayer, with full precautions in place, however meeting socially at services will be restricted under the COVID social distancing guidelines.

For halls and premises that are COVID secure with their risk assessment in place, it is understood at this stage, activities can currently proceed. New guidance is available on the website: 

There is also a new Government document on social distancing which includes reference to children’s playgroups and youth activities as being amongst those where groups could be larger than 6 people: 

The full breakdown of these changes can be read on the website:


Birmingham's Area of Enhanced Support status (29.07.20)

Birmingham is an Area of Enhanced Support. In order to try to avoid new restrictions we are all being strongly advised by Birmingham City Council to adhere to Public Safety Advice:

  • Washing your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Wear a face covering in shops and on public transport
  • Keep a safe distance away from others

We urge you to review procedures in place for the opening of your buildings for worship and other allowed uses, to ensure all possible compliance and to support the Council initiative to ‘prevent local lockdown and saves lives!’
Detailed information on is available on the BCC website on the national watchlist: ‘Areas of Concern’, ‘Areas of Enhanced Support’, and ‘Areas of Intervention’.

Jenny Tomlinson, Archdeacon of Birmingham
Simon Heathfield, Archdeacon of Aston


Church of England - churches guidance webpage

The National Church of England team have made a number of key updates to their online guidance pages, including advice about caring for church grounds, and guidance when using online platforms. All amends are endorsed by the Church of England Birmingham and the updated measures should be put into practice.

The CofE Guidance webpage can be accessed directly, please click here


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