Everyday Faith

98% of Christian disciples spend 95% of our time not in church.

Disciples love God and other people in businesses, schools, hospitals, sports grounds, shops, cafes, theatres, cinemas, at bus stops, in houses...and sometimes even in church gatherings.

Every area of life matters to God, belongs to God, and is part of His creation.

Jesus died and rose again to bring freedom and restoration to all people, all things, all parts of life.  Christian hope is for everything, and everyone!

The short video below shares that vision:


“From September there will be a two-year learning community for any church which wants to grow in making changes to become an “Everyday Faith” affirming church.

A small team from your church will meet 2-3 times a year with others to implement some small shifts, relevant to your situation.  Please contact Guy Donegan-Cross to find out more.”

I want to be able to pray and read Scripture in a way that will help me with my everyday discipleship.

You can order a booklet full of daily readings for forty days.

A sample of it is available.

You can use these simple prayer suggestions for beginning, during and at the end of the day.

Prayer ideas for use with others

The CofE Birmingham Learning Community hopes to being implementing Everyday Faith culture in your church starting autumn 2021.  Please contact Guy Donegan-Cross to talk about sending a small team to take part, and to receive further information.