Safer Recruitment & DBS checks

The Church commits to safely recruiting and supporting all workers and volunteers who have any responsibility related to children, young people and vulnerable adults who attend Church activities.

In July 2021 The Church agreed new Safer Recruitment & People Management Guidance which must be fully implemented by all church settings from January 2022 for all new appointments where there is substantial contact with children, young people and / or vulnerable adults.  Failure to apply these principles and practices exposes children and vulnerable adults to greater risk of abuse by people who will target and exploit inadequate safeguards.  

Where the church setting works ecumenically or with partners or charities they must assure themselves that the Requirements detailed in the guidance are being followed by these organisations.  

To use the online Disclosure & Barring Service application system, a church must appoint a Parish Identity Verifier and complete the registration form here.

Anyone involved in the recruitment, appointment and management/supervision of roles that have substantial contact with children, young people and/or vulnerable adults must complete online Safer Recruitment & People Management training here and read our induction to following the procedures in The Church of England – Birmingham here

Safer Recruitment Process Summary

Full details of the safer recruitment process 

Who needs a DBS check?



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