Help with Prayer and Bible Reading

We are called into a relationship of being with God on a daily basis, as disciples who are the beloved children of God.

Praying and listening to God through the Bible are gifts we can grow in.

Why Pray?


What Is Prayer?

A conversation – speaking to, and listening to God, who invites us to call Him “Our Father”.  It connects us to His amazing love in Christ, transforms us, and the lives of those we pray for, and gives us peace.  As we grow in prayer, we change and grow as people.

How do we pray?

It’s about turning our mind and our heart towards God – who never looks away from us.  It’s coming as we are. 

We can pray in lots of different ways – resting in quiet, shouting in joy or pain, listening to music, meditating on Scripture, singing, responding to the world around us, on our own or with others.  God always meets us where and how we are.

We can keep it simple – God doesn’t need complicated words. God’s Holy Spirit is with you, and wants to prompt you to listen.  It’s not like magic, sometimes it feels just ordinary, sometimes exciting and alive.  All that matters is that we are seeking to be spending time with God.

Archbishop Justin says prayer is partnership with God

This BBC article explores what prayer is, and how to pray, through the Lord’s Prayer

Things to help me pray every day

This page offers ideas on some ways to pray 

Apps on my phone or computer

Lectio365.  An app which leads you simply through a time of prayer and reading the Bible in about 10 minutes. 

Watch a short trailer here:


Pray as you go.  Similar to Lectio365, about 12-13 minutes with a very contemplative style

Sacred Space.  Leads you through a 10-15 minute prayer and Scripture time with written sections.

Soultime Christian meditation app.  Offering daily meditations, relaxation and anxiety relief "to bring more clarity and contentment to your life in just a few minutes every day, bringing the tradition of Christian meditation up to date in a beautiful, modern, emotionally aware app."

Bridgetown Daily  Ten minute meditations on a scripture, or the life of a saint.

Time to Pray  Everything you need for Prayer During the Day, with variations according to the day of the week and the season of the Church’s year, together with full text of psalms and short readings from Common Worship.  You can use Prayer During the Day on its own, as your sole act of prayer and praise, or you can use it alongside Night Prayer in a pattern of prayer at the beginning and end of the day. Includes guidance on sustaining a pattern of regular prayer.

Ways to read the Bible daily

The Bible App for kids helps children read the Bible easily and regularly.

Word Live gives a guided journey through a section of the Bible each day, with opportunity to go deeper.

Bible in one year does what it says on the tin.  Guided readings and reflections each day as you read about 4 chapters of Scripture. 

Youth version of Bible in one Year.

I am leading Prayers with others.

Here are some ideas we have found for creative confessions and intercessions.

I want to explore prayer with others.

The eight session Prayer Course is all available online – all videos are 20 minutes long, with follow on material.  It’s brilliant!