Help with Prayer and Bible Reading

To pray is to make our hearts ready to experience the love of God in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. Praying regularly will help us to develop a spiritual rhythm. A discipline of prayer changes the way that we think about our lives, because it creates new habits of heart and mind. Prayer opens us more deeply to the transforming grace of God. We enter into God’s presence, allowing the Holy Spirit to pray in us.

How do we pray?

We can pray in lots of different ways - speaking or reading written prayers, resting in quiet, shouting in joy or pain, listening to music, meditating on Scripture, singing, responding to the world around us, on our own or with others. 

God always meets us where and how we are. God doesn’t need complicated words. Listening is also part of prayer. In prayer, we are simply seeking to spend time with God.

Archbishop Justin says prayer is a partnership with God

This page on the national CofE website offers ideas on some ways to pray

Lectio365 is an app that leads you through 10 minute bite-size moments of prayer and bible reading. 

Time to Pray and Daily Prayer
Daily Prayer is the official app to help you follow Morning, Evening and Night Prayer, wherever you are. The short services include written prayers, bible readings and opportunities for your own prayer. They are available as apps (with integrated audio) or as a podcast.

Bible in One Year offers a great way to get to know the Bible. 

The Bible App for kids is designed specifically for children to read the Bible.

There is also a Youth version of Bible in One Year.

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