Diocesan Synod

Every diocese in the Church of England has its own Diocesan Synod which consists of the Bishops, the Dean, Archdeacons, Chancellor, Chair of the DBF, Chair of the DAC, General Synod representatives plus clergy and laity elected by Deanery Synods. Its function is similar to the national Church of England’s General Synod but at the regional diocesan level.

Our Diocesan Synod meets three times per year and its role includes:

  • Consideration of matters affecting the Church of England in relation to our diocese
  • Acting as a forum for debate of Christian opinion on matters of religious or public interest
  • Advising the Bishop of Birmingham where requested
  • Dealing with matters referred by General Synod

The Diocesan Synod keeps Deanery Synods informed about matters of concern. Deanery Synods also have the opportunity to submit matters for discussion at the diocesan level. 

Click below for the Minutes of recent Diocesan Synod Meetings

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