Parish Growth

Parishes are central to Church of England Birmingham. How we support all parishes to flourish and grow is at the heart of our strategic approach. Each parish is different, their context, make up and people can all vary hugely. We are therefore looking to develop bespoke projects that support specific parishes to grow well. Recent activity under this banner has included Youth and Schools projects, Mission Apprentices and a new Anglo-Catholic Mission project. As we support parishes, and Oversight Areas, with mission planning this will provide the base for understanding the opportunities and needs that future projects can meet.

Children and Families Mission Enabler (CFME) project

The Children and Families Mission Enablers (CFMEs) are focused on developing and supporting strong parish-based volunteer teams, strengthening mission with children and families across their nominated deanery, and collaborating widely across the diocese. We are employing a CFME for each deanery and supporting them, with a project co-ordinator and resources, to equip volunteers to start new activities and create new discipleship pathways. Whilst being parish based, they also support other parishes within the wider deanery.

Outcomes for the project include increased priority and commitment to mission and ministry with children and families, and more children and families fully involved in worshipping communities and growing in their Christian discipleship. Host parishes will model best practice in attracting and discipling new children and families with an increasing and evident culture of intergenerational mission and ministry.




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