Resources for Treasurers

Charity Commission Registration

All PCC's are charities regardless of size and have to abide by rules set out by the Charity Commission.

Gross Income under £100,000: 

With gross income under £100,000 there is no need for a PCC to register with the charity commission. These PCC's are "accepted charities" which means you must abide with rules set out by the charity commision like those that are registered. 

Gross Income over £100,000:

PCC's with gross income over £100,000 must register with the charity commission unless you can demonstrate the following:

If your normal income is £80,000 or less, but exceptionally you exceeded the £100,000 threshold last year due to a grant, legacy or particular building campaign, you can apply for a written determination that you need not register.

If you are unsure on any of the above please contact a member of the finance team we're here to help!!!

Parish Return 

The Archbishops’ Council annually collect statistical information from churches nationwide. The figures are used extensively by central church organisations, and the various patterns of figures help determine a number of factors, including clergy deployment, allocations of new deacons and ministry/mission support. The financial statistics collected give an overview of how the Church stewards its resources, and can contribute to approaches to government for extra assistance (e.g. VAT relief on repairs).

Your Parish Return needs to be filed online using the Church of England’s Online Parish Return System. This return needs to be completed by 31st May every year. If you do not have your login details please contact Lucy Pinnock.

Click here to visit the Parish Return website.

New Parish Treasurer Support

Being a new treasurer can seem like a daunting task but we have various resources to help you, you are not on your own!

A PCC Finance Guide For All PCC Members
Church Finance Year Month By Month
Checklist for New Treasurer
PCC Accountability Guide

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