Admissions and Appeals

Are you a good listener? Can make good and balanced decisions?

Our CofEB Schools Independent Appeal Panel should reflect the diverse backgrounds of all our pupils. We are keen to welcome new volunteers, particularly from backgrounds currently underrepresented, such as Black, Asian and Minority ethnic.

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Each Aided School or Academy can determine its own Admissions Policy based upon the Admissions Code.  The policy must follow the guidelines set out in the Admissions Code.

We support and advise governors in producing these policies. We work with all governing bodies and encourage them to have as open an Admissions Policy as possible.

Church of England schools are permitted to include faith criteria in their policies but are not obliged to do so. 

Individual Admissions Policies can be accessed via each individual school’s website.

Admission Appeals

We also organise and run Admission Appeals Hearings on behalf of some of the Diocese's schools and academies.  

If your child has not been granted a place at the school of your choice and you decide you wish to appeal this, you must in the first instance appeal direct to the school’s Governing Body.  The exception would be if the Church school is a Voluntary Controlled (VC) school, in which case you need to appeal direct to the relevant Local Authority.

The Education Team's lead officer on Admissions and Admission Appeals is Rachel Raftery. 


Admissions Code of Practice (December 2014)

School Admission Appeals Code of Practice (February 2012)

DBE Agreed Guidance for Admissions Policies (September 2019)

Appeals Timetable CofE Birmingham February 2021

Suggested ToR: Admissions Committees (September 2019) 

Model Admissions Policy October 2020