Reader CMD – Continuing Ministerial Development

My teaching is not my own, it comes from the one who sent me.”  John 7:16

There are over 200 licensed Readers within Church of England Birmingham, and we offer regular training opportunities in order for Readers to enhance their wider ministry. All Readers commit to life-long learning and regular reflection in ministry from Admission and first licensing. Specific training events for Readers are organised as part of the Readers' CMD programme. These are planned by a team made up of Readers and the Head of Ministry Formation. There are usually three training days in this programme each year: a Saturday in May (often on a Biblical or pastoral theme), a training day in early September for Readers wishing to train for Funeral Ministry, and a Saturday in the Autumn which focuses on the particular book of the gospel for the coming preaching year.

It is helpful to know of training opportunities which Readers in CofE Birmingham have found useful and also your own training needs. If you have news to share on these please let your Deanery Warden or Michelle Grannell, Assistant Warden.

Grants for further training

The Birmingham Readers’ Association (BRA) is pleased to offer financial support to Readers wishing to pursue further study and training to develop their ministry. BRA is happy to take a broad view of training as long as it aids the Reader’s development and ministry. It is expected that those seeking funding will first approach the PCC of their own church for support. In seeking support from BRA applicants should provide:

  • A brief explanation of the training to be undertaken
  • The full total cost
  • Details of the support available.
  • The support sought.
  • Details of any critical date by which a decision is required, e.g. for enrolment and the date by which funding is required.
  • Letters of support from the Vicar (Area Dean in vacancy) or Lead Chaplain to whom they are licensed, together with a letter from a local lay person.

The BRA would expect to match the contribution from the Reader’s local church, (except where parish finances are very limited). In any case grants are offered to each Reader up to a maximum of £250 over a 10 year period. It would normally be expected that requests for support would only be made where the total cost of the training is more than £20 but BRA would not wish Readers to miss out on opportunities when a small contribution is critical. During an interregnum a letter of support from the Churchwardens or the Area Dean would be appropriate.

Applications should be made to Catherine Grylls: Warden of Readers, or Mike Lynch: Secretary of the Birmingham Readers Association. The BRA will do all that it can to support requests on merit, subject to financial and budgetary constraints. Decisions about support will normally be made at the next meeting of the Readers' Association Committee, but an earlier decision may be possible.

Applications can also be made to the Adams-Myland Fund of the Central Readers’ Council for further study. Futher information is available on the Transforming Ministry website.

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