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Almost any works involving a physical change to your church building, its contents or to the churchyard will require Faculty permission. This gives you authorisation to carry out the work and is part of the Church of England’s own system of building control, which is called the Faculty Jurisdiction. This system ensures that church buildings are properly cared for and that whatever is done to them is properly considered beforehand and carried out in the most appropriate way. It also takes the place of Listed Building Consent normally required for secular listed buildings.

Levels of Permission

Many smaller works to a church building not involving changes do not require Faculty permission. From 1 January 2016, lists of works to church buildings that do not require Faculty consent were created. Works that fall under List A do not require permission, while works under List B require the written consent of the Archdeacon who consults with the DAC.

List A and List B were revised and expanded from 1 April 2020. A copy of the update Lists can be found here.

Online Faculty System

All applications for Faculty and List B permission need to be made through the Online Faculty System (OFS). It is also useful to log any List A works carried out on this system although they do not require permission. If you have not used the OFS before you will need to register a user account before you can submit an application.

A link to the Online Faculty System can be found here.

If you have any questions about applying for Faculty or List B permission, please contact our Care of Churches Officer.

Ben Smith

Care of Churches Officer

(DAC Secretary)

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