Church Schools Prayer

Creating an atmosphere in school where pupils feel comfortable to pray is vital in a Church school and there are many different ways to offer pupils the space to pray.

Sometimes, pupils like to draw upon the prayers of others. Some may find it more appealing to look through prayers written by other pupils in Birmingham Church Schools. See the examples supplied below.

If you have any pupil prayers that would enhance our collection attached - perhaps for different times in the school day or different occasions in the Church calendar, including Saints’ Days - then please share them via email with our Church Schools Distinctiveness Adviser, Jill Stolberg.

Some schools have been inspired to organise events to give pupils (and staff!) the opportunity to explore diverse ways of praying by holding a special event, perhaps over the course of a week, with a strong focus on prayer.  Colleagues from St Francis Bournville and St Matthew’s Smethwick, used ideas and materials from 'Prayer Spaces in Schools'.  In both these schools, people from local churches got involved to help with the setting up of exciting prayer stations and the supervision of prayer activities. They have kindly shared their experiences and reflections. Perhaps you might want to do something similar in your school and you can view examples of these schools’ prayer spaces in action through the links below.

Traditional prayers written by adults

Prayers written by children in Birmingham Church Schools

Prayer Spaces in action: St Francis, Bournville (Most prayer activities took place within the school building)

Prayer Spaces in action: St Matthew’s, Smethwick  (The school took advantage of the outdoor space - and favourable weather - to set up their prayer stations)

Prayer Spaces in Schools website