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There are a massive array of people acting as the internal workings of church at a local level. Many people voluntarily give up large parts of their weekly lives to support the mission of the church. Amongst these volunteers (occasionally they are paid) are people who have specific roles key to the legal functioning of a parish. These people include Parochial Church Council (PCC) Secretaries, Wardens, Treasurers and Safeguarding Officers.

We hope that this part of the site will give some helpful guidance for people in those roles. Do get in touch if you'd like to see something here that's not here at the moment.

In his first address, The Rt Revd Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury spoke about the importance of volunteers:

"The work of the Church of England is not done primarily on television or at Lambeth, but in over 16,000 churches, where hundreds of thousands of people get on with the job they have always done of loving neighbour, loving each other and giving more than 22 million hours of voluntary service outside the church a month. They are the front line, and those who worship in them, lead them, minster in them are the unknown heroes of the church. I have never had demands on me as acute as when I was a parish priest. One of the greatest privileges of this role will the inspiration of so many grass roots projects that I will see around the country."

Source: Telegraph

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