Faith at Work

“Go out in peace to love and serve the Lord”

Christians are called to love and serve the Lord wherever they are. In some cases this might be within their families and communities; in other cases it might be within their workplaces, sports clubs, schools, and social networks. Missionary work is sometimes uncomfortable: but it is nearly always rewarding.

Going out in faith has been done in different ways in every context and time period of Christian history. Sometimes it is clear what needs to be done; sometimes it takes a bit of work and prayer to see what it is to be a Christian outside the walls of the church.

Church of England – Birmingham has people who taken up the role of being a Chaplain in a workplace or organisation. This is a ministry authorised by the church, recognised within another institution or place.

Most Chaplaincy networks offer an opportunity for volunteers (and sometimes paid staff) to develop a role within Chaplaincy. Chaplaincy has a long history in the Church, and is now a growing form of Ministry across all denominations of the churches. It is becoming a key part of their outreach.

Many of us also need support to grow in confidence in our everyday, unofficial discipleship.

Church of England – Birmingham, and the Church of England nationally, are working to support Christians to make connections between faith and everyday life so that we are more confident in Christ, more confident in our gifts and more confident to join in God’s mission to transform the world. For working people there are resources on how to bring Faith to Work.

Our dream is to communicate the all-encompassing scope of the whole-life good news of Christ that breaks down the hard distinction between the sacred and the secular in life.

Stepping out in faith is also good news for individual discipleship. Personal faith engagement with workplaces, communities and organisations is a “potent way of helping Christians to find new ways to develop and practise faith. Those who step out in faith describe having grown in character and Christian disposition.”

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