General Synod Representatives

The candidates elected to represent the Birmingham diocese are:

As members of the House of Laity:
Mrs Dawn Brathwaite
Mr William Guy Shubra Hordern
Dr Rachel Jepson

As Proctors in Convocation (House of Clergy):
The Revd Philip Calvert
The Revd Canon Douglas Machiridza

Please continue to hold all your elected representatives and the work of the General Synod in your prayers.

General Synod By-Election 2024

The General Synod is the legislative body of the Church of England. It is the place where decisions and policies are made which will determine how the Church of England moves into the future in its service of God’s Kingdom and this nation.  Revd Tim Bateman is moving to a different diocese and as a result, a casual vacancy has arisen amongst the members representing the Diocese of Birmingham in the Lower House of the Convocation of Canterbury - “The House of Clergy”.  A by-election is to be held to fill this place for the remainder of the General Synod Quinquennium 2021-2026.

The election

The election process will be online and electors will be emailed login details to the election sites which will enable them to make nominations and to vote when the time comes.


Friday 8 March
Nominations open
Friday 5 April at 12 noon
Nominations close
Friday 12 April at 12 noon
Deadline for election address
Friday 19 April
Voting Opens
Friday 24 May at 12 noon
Voting Closes
Tuesday 28 May
The count (exact time to be confirmed)

Candidate Addresses

Nominations for the General Synod By-Election have now closed.

Due to the number of nominations exceeding the number of seats, there will be an election of the House of Clergy.  The election is the result of voting by members of deanery synods and the voting period is 19 April - 24 May 2024.  For those who are eligible to vote, voting will be via the election portal.

Below is a list of candidates.  The election address of every candidate who has provided one can be displayed by clicking on the candidate's name

Election results 

The count will take place on Tuesday 28 May 2024 and the results will be announced on Wednesday 29 May 2024.  The count will be carried out by Civica Election Services.

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