Net Zero Carbon by 2030

Working together to care for God’s creation 

By 2030, the buildings of the Church of England Birmingham will be bright and welcoming, consuming much less energy and emitting less carbon than they do now. And that will be good for the people who use the buildings, and good for the whole of creation.

The Church of England’s ambitious Net Zero Carbon by 2030 campaign aims to equip, resource and support all parts of the Church to reduce carbon emissions from the energy used in its buildings, schools and through work-related transport by 2030.

Climate change hits hardest on the poorest countries and poorest people of the world. Meanwhile, the widespread destruction of the natural world is a crisis for creation.

Responding to the climate crisis is an essential part of our responsibility to safeguard God’s creation and achieve a just world.

Tackling climate change also supports our local mission. It witnesses to our communities that we are people who care about climate justice, now and for the future.

Many of the steps needed to reduce energy use will make our buildings brighter and warmer and more welcoming, so they are suitable to be used more often by more people and can save us money on our running costs.

More information on the Church of England’s Net Zero Carbon Programme can be found here

A video showcasing net zero projects around the country can be viewed here

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