Transforming Church

Our region is young, diverse, creative, dynamic and constantly changing. In the midst of the political, economic, social and environmental changes, God is at work, inside and outside the church. Since 2009, Transforming Church has been shaping our vision across the Church of England in Birmingham, guiding us to be a Church that is growing ‘larger, wider, deeper and younger’ – a Church that is a transforming presence at the heart of our communities. The strapline spells out its core mission: to ‘grow churches at the heart of each community’. As such, Transforming Church has always had its heart in local parishes and in all forms of growth: numerical, spiritual and transformational. Seven Areas of Transformation; alongside Ten Diocesan Goals have provided the framework for this.

Seven Areas of Transformation

Transforming Worship: Drawing us into the presence of the Living God.

Transforming Relationships: Finding healing, encouragement and challenge through our life together.

Transforming Discipleship: Enabling us to grow as confident followers of Jesus.

Transforming Leadership: Releasing and harnessing the gifts of all God’s people.

Transforming Presence: Living out God’s love in our communities and the wider world.

Transforming Outreach: Leading others to believe in Jesus and belong to his Body.

Transforming Partnerships: Working together with people of goodwill to see God's purposes


Transforming Church Goals

There are Ten Transforming Church Goals, setting out the Bishop’s vision for the Birmingham Diocese and helping us to share in a broader vision than the purely congregational. These are like the stalactites in a cave: they grow from the top down. Where this initiative will produce the strongest is where the ‘stalagmites’ and ‘stalactites’ grow to join each other and form a pillar.

01. To grow the number of adults, young people and children within the worshipping Christian community year on year.

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02. To make the most of opportunities presented by the occasional offices, the church calendar and invitational events such as Back to Church Sunday.

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03. To develop an understanding of communications in every parish, promoting a church that is visible, welcoming and accessible.

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04. To develop a spiritually-enriching children’s and youth ministry in every parish and church school, encouraging clustering where appropriate.

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05. To ensure that a Christian Basics course of some kind is offered in every parish at least once a year.

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06. To implement in every parish an appropriate strategy for making confident, prayerful disciples in their daily life.

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07. To encourage an increasing number of worshipping Christians to take tithing seriously, and to give at least 5% of their income to the local church.

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08. To increase the number, range and spiritual fruitfulness of partnerships and initiatives for social and environmental justice and community building across the Diocese and the world. 

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09. To increase the number of leaders of all ages, and drawn from every ethnic group, who are trained and deployed in the church and wider community.

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10. To encourage every parish community to think through the challenges of relating constructively to those of other faiths.

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