Our Offers to Schools

Our Offer to Schools: Partnership Agreement

Since 1944 Dioceses had operated effectively within the ‘dual system’, meaning Local Authorities and Dioceses had clearly defined statutory roles in education. This is changing. There is now an expectation that the Church will take the responsibility for ensuring the quality of provision in every aspect of the life of its schools. This is achieved in partnership with other providers that schools may access.

To this end we have developed a range of support to our Diocesan schools on informal, formal and structural levels.  We do this through the offer of a formalised Partnership Agreement, that the majority of our schools buy into - and a significant benefit of this is that schools in the Partnership receive our services at reduced costs.

We review the offer and membership annually.  Here is the current information.

Church Schools Partnership Framework Offer 2019-20

Renewal Letter to Head Teachers Partnership Agreement May 2019