Clergy & Authorised Lay

A shared ministry of ordained and lay people helps develop a healthy Church which is outward looking and servant-hearted.

Ordained ministry, licensed lay ministry and authorised lay ministry work together to support congregations, helping everyone to growing in faith and embrace a full life of discipleship.

Lay ministry is thriving in many different ways, and Authorised Lay Ministry further enables and affirms this. Many men and women want to offer their time and a great diversity of talents, so focussed Diocesan training equips them for specific roles in their parishes.

Training builds on skills and experience that people already have, and allows them to develop their gifts for ministry even further. Many people find it useful to have this ‘official’ aspect to their ministry.

We're keenly aware how challenging ministry, whether ordained or not, is, so we aim to provide bespoke support and training in each area.

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Director of Ministry

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