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"..the common vocation we all share in Christ is lived out in a unique way by each one of us…
The unfolding of God’s call in a person’s life is always an unrepeatable adventure"

Responding to God’s Call by Jeremy Worthen


Maggie Forknell is Assistant Warden of Readers (Vocation and Discernment). Maggie writes:

Above is a quote that I find exciting and informative! As Christians we all have a vocation or calling to follow Christ in our context and life situation, that is what being a disciple is all about.

It may be that in your daily walk with God you are feeling that certain situations or experiences have caused you to wonder if God has a more particular role for you within your local church or community. 

This is something to explore with someone in the Ministry Team at your local church and it may also be helpful to explore with another person, to have a wide conversation of discernment of what God may be saying to you and to explore the rich variety of roles and ministries which are part of the body of Christ. My role means that I welcome contact from anyone who wishes to ask for just such a conversation, I will also be able to signpost you to others to talk with, should that be more appropriate.

Don’t hesitate to explore your unrepeatable adventure! It’s never too early or too late to take new steps. I can be contacted by email.

Readers are lay people in the Church of England who share in public representative ministry with ordained clergy colleagues following a period of discernment and formation. The emerging renewed vision for Reader Ministry focuses on three particular strands for this licensed lay ministry:

  • Readers as teachers of the faith
  • Readers as enablers of mission in the everyday
  • Readers as leaders in Church and society

Readers can be found in a variety of different situations from parish to workplace chaplaincy, and bring an extraordinary range of gifts into ministry: preaching the Gospel in worship, leading study groups, assisting in pastoral ministry, connecting a world of work and social need with our worship, drawing on insights from daily life and many realms of experience.

The discernment and selection process for Reader training takes place once a year, with applications possible from January. You will need the support of your vicar or minister and PCC, as you will be sharing in ministry as part of the team locally. You must have been Confirmed. Application packs are available Jan – March each year from the Assistant Warden, Ian Crockford.

There is more information about initial training on our Reader Training page.

Read Reader Ministry in Church of England Birmingham for further information.

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