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Events to complement your mission amongst the under 35s

We have created a series of events that you can schedule throughout the church’s year, to deepen faith and encourage belonging in your church community.

Why not create a plan for your church’s year using some of these events and then supplement with your own church rhythms, such as annual fayres, seasonal services, and life event celebrations or remembrances?

Emma would love to talk through any of these events with you. 


Outside church - Intergenerational

Whether you are thinking about setting up your own outside church expression, for example, a Muddy Church Trail or a Forest Church community, we have a network of people who have started their own and would love to share their journey with you. We also have a wide range of material that has been created, tried, and tested across the CofEB. For more information, email Emma

Activate: For young people

Activate is a youth-led initiative to bring Christian young people and their friends together across CofE Birmingham. There are termly events in some of our Deaneries, created and planned by young people as a space to come together for fun and fellowship, including sports and activities as well as worship, prayer, and studying the bible. For more information about the next one in your Deanery or how to get involved, contact Emma

Life – Supporting young people through confirmation

Life is an event that celebrates young people who have been confirmed. Young people, from across CofE Birmingham, are invited to gather for a celebration of their step of faith and to encourage in their continuing discipleship journey. Due to Covid restrictions, we have not run this event for a couple of years but for more information about any upcoming dates contact Emma.

Confirmation material:

We can also provide you with some Confirmation material, Bristol Diocese has created a resource to use with young people as they prepare for confirmation. Through ten interactive and engaging sessions, ‘Live Life’ aims to create safe spaces for young people to discuss, question, and deepen their understanding of God. Each session follows a familiar and flexible structure with practical guidance for enthusiastic volunteers through to experienced youth workers and church leaders. Contact Emma to get your copy of the material. 

Taizé: For young people and young adults

Once a year, Bishop Anne leads a pilgrimage to Taizé in the summer holidays. Taizé is a place where young people from all over the world come together to pray, worship, study the Bible and live in a community with each other. It is often a life-changing experience for the young adults and young people that go, to join with thousands of people their own age from across the world, in three daily services, food, bible study, and community jobs that all build towards a greater understanding of each other and the God we all worship. We welcome anyone under the age of 35 to join us. Youth groups are particularly welcome as if you are under 18, you need to come with an adult who will take full responsibility for you. Our next Pilgrimage will take place in July 2023, usually, we go on the first Saturday of the school holidays returning nine days later on Monday morning. You can find out more about on the Taizé website. For more information as well as individual and youth leader information packs, contact Emma

Review of your children and families’ provision

Would you like help thinking through your provision for children and families in your parish or context? Emma has a whole host of experiences and can help you think through your provision in this area - to review it, consult on it, and dream big dreams for it. Drop Emma an email, or pick up the phone: 0121 820 9835

Review of your youth provision

Would you like some help thinking through your provision for young people in your parish or context? Adam has been a youth worker for over 20 years so has a whole host of experience along with ideas to help you reflect on your existing youth work or think about how you could create something new to support and encourage the young people in your community. Drop Emma an email, or pick up the phone: Emma or 0121 820 9835

Being intentionally intergenerational

There is no better time than now to think about how we are intentionally intergenerational. It might feel like a buzzword, but it is actually about empowering all generations to serve, worship, and take part in church community life together, all with equal input and responsibilities. We are all on this journey and would love to explore with you how you take steps to become a truly intergenerational community with Jesus at the centre. If you would like to talk further about intergenerational ministry, Drop Emma an email, or pick up the phone: 0121 820 9835

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