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​HOPE 2018 is here
17th January 2018
Churches in villages, towns and cities across the country are making final preparations for this special year of mission together, to make Jesus known though our words and actions. It’s not too late to get started. Visit the HOPE website and us
Open ​HOPE 2018 is here

​Bibles for Schools
3rd January 2018
The RE syllabus used by most Birmingham primary schools encourages pupils to read Bible stories. For many children in our city today this may be the only opportunity they have to hold and read a Bible.  Many schools do not have Bib
Open ​Bibles for Schools

ACEVO announces the Fellowship Awards 2017
3rd January 2018
The Springfield Project is pleased to announce that the charity leaders’ network ACEVO has named the five people chosen to receive the prestigious ACEVO Fellowship, one of whom is their very own CEO, Sarah Robbins. ACEVO Fellowships champi
Open ACEVO announces the Fellowship Awards 2017

Bishop's Comment: ​Messengers of Good News
2nd January 2018
Jesus was on the move both in and outside the womb. His journey to Bethlehem was followed by an escape into Egypt. Growing up, Jesus had the annual family adventure of a trek from Nazareth to Jerusalem for festivals. His three years of public ministr
Open Bishop's Comment: ​Messengers of Good News