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One of the key features of People & Places is to provide Parish Support Services which will assist in HR, Building & Bookkeeping for our newly formed deaneries. The Parish Bookkeeping service is now available to newly formed deaneries within the Church of England Birmingham.

Is your PCC struggling to answer the following questions?

  • How much money does it have coming in?
  • How much money is going out?
  • How much money is left over?
  • Is the money being spent on the things that people gave us the money for?
  • How can we get up to date information to help us make a decision?

We often hear from PCC’s that they are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit skilled volunteers, especially treasurers.  Most volunteers are not accountants and worry that they don’t have the technical skills to serve in this role.

Under the Church Representation Rules (Part 9 M20(3)), each PCC should arrange for the office of treasurer to be discharged whether by one of its members, a churchwarden or some other fit person. The PCC as charity trustees must ensure that:

  • It is able to meet all of its financial responsibilities and that PCC funds and assets are used appropriately.
  • It is able to report on what the PCC has achieved, and how it has used its money and resources.
  • It is able to manage the PCC’s money, and balance risk and reserves.

The Parish Book-keeping Service is designed to help PCC’s gain a good grasp of their finances to enable them to make wise kingdom decisions and to ensure that they are able to meet their obligations as charity trustees

Key Objectives of the Parish Bookkeeping Service

To support PCCs:

  • Understand the money they have available to support parish mission and ministry
  • Discharge their statutory responsibilities as charity trustees
  • Gain timely and up-to-date financial information to aid decision making.
  • Providing information that is in an accessible format for all

If you are interested in this service and would like to find out more, please contact our finance team.

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