Celebrating Wisdom

Renewing ministry for a changing church

A residential course for clergy and ministers of the West Midlands who want to renew their vision for their ministry

This course is more of a workshop / retreat than a conference, and aims to encourage the recognition and celebration of the wisdom acquired through years of ministry. It also aims to enable the discernment of continuing vocation and gifts, to release energy and set free imagination for the next stage of mission and ministry.

The Wisdom Groups are central to the course, learning from experience and critical reflection upon life and our ministerial journey.

Who is it for?

The course is for those approaching the final phase of their stipendiary ministry who may be wondering whether to remain in their present post or to look for a move, but still with much to give. It is for those who are seeking renewal in their vision of ministry and would like the opportunity to reflect upon where their vocation is leading them. 

For the latest training dates please see the West Midlands CMD website for dates.