Way of Discipleship

How can I grow and change as a disciple in my everyday living?

Way of Discipleship is a 22 session journey with others, growing in: 

  • Walking with God each day
  • Changing in my character
  • Living out my calling
  • Being confident with the Bible.

The next six week module, "Joining in with the Spirit", begins in April 2021 and is free.  You can find out more detailed information here.

Ultimately, you will be given confidence in walking the Way with God, long after the modules are over.  You will understand, and live, the life of a disciple.

For information about the course, booking in, and how to use the resources to run your own Way of Discipleship modules, please click here.

Each session is about two hours with a group of 6-8 people.  You can do all the modules one after another or split up over a longer period.

Who is it for?

It aims to be flexible, and so suitable for many people. It’s the next step on from a basic foundation, but it has lots of extra options to stretch those who want to dig deeper.

It’s about being transformed – and so may be helpful for lots of people at different stages of their Christian journey.

You don’t need lots of knowledge, or to be a “confident Christian”.  You just need a desire to grow..

What does it lead to?

By God’s grace, a life that is being transformed by the Spirit of Christ, and “more, and more".

This short video with Rev Guy Donegan-Cross, Director of Learning for Discipleship and Mission, and Mrs Maverney Kettle, opens up what discipleship means.