Way of Discipleship

The Church of England Birmingham’s resource for growing confident discipleship is called ‘Way of Discipleship’ and is on this website: wayofdiscipleship.org

Here you will find a range of resources for individual or group use. There are over 250 questions you can browse, over 50 simple tools you can use, and four courses you can run in many different ways according to your context.

What approach does the ‘Way of Discipleship’ take?

Who is it for?

How does it work?

Can I join a course?

I want to use the resource but need to have some support as to how to run and/or adapt it.

How do I find out more?

What if I am exploring becoming a Reader, or another licensed/authorised ministry, or ordination?

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What approach does the ‘Way of Discipleship’ take?

The ‘Way of Discipleship’ helps develop us in four ways which reflect the fact that being a disciple is like being an apprentice – someone who is learning as they follow.

An apprentice first needs to be in relationship with the one they are following.  So the first part forms us in “Being with God” – looking at the ways we know God, how this shapes our identity, and how in our daily lives we can live in ways that put God at the centre of our attention – through worship, prayer, Scripture and a balanced life.

As we are with someone, we become more like them.  The second part forms us in “Becoming like Christ”.  We look at Jesus – His life, death and resurrection, the meanings of the cross, His Lordship, and what this means for our priorities in life.  We also look at how God can change us to become more like Him – increasingly doing things in the manner in which Christ did them.

Finally an apprentice grows into joining in with the work of the one s/he is following.  The third part is called “Joining in with the Spirit”.  We look at our mission and callings in the context of God’s mission, how we are empowered by the Holy Spirit, and what this means for our daily work, sharing faith, being church and struggling for a better world.

The last module you can use is called “Knowing the Story and Bible Confidence”.  Six sessions aim to equip and inspire us in loving the Bible – seeing our story in the context of God’s big story, dealing with some tricky questions, and being given lots of handy ways into being confident with listening to God through Scripture.

Who is it for?

It aims to be flexible, and so suitable for many people. It’s the next step on from a basic foundation, but it has lots of extra options to stretch those who want to dig deeper.

It’s about being transformed – and so may be helpful for lots of people at different stages of their Christian journey.

You don’t need lots of knowledge, or to be a “confident Christian”.  You just need a desire to grow..

How does it work?

It’s about developing a confident understanding of discipleship, but more importantly shaping our lives around the habits and practices which help us grow.

In each session there is worship, some core content, modelling by other local, ordinary Christians of discipleship in their everyday experience, and a chance to reflect on, “What is God saying to me?” and, “How may I respond?” 

Further material at various levels is offered for those who want more to explore between sessions.

Each session is about two hours. You can do all the modules, one after another or split up over a longer period.

Can I join a course?

As well as being a resource for you to draw from wherever you are, the four courses are run regularly throughout the year on Zoom on a Monday or Thursday evening. Before using the resource it is a good idea to experience it. You can do as many of them as you like.  The next course is “Being with God” and its dates are:

  1. Monday 12 or Thursday 15 September;
  2. Monday 26 or Thursday 29 September;
  3. Monday 3 or Thursday 6 October;
  4. Monday 10 October only;  
  5. Monday 17 or Thursday 20 October;
  6. Monday 31 October or Thursday 3 November;
  7. Monday 7 or Thursday 10 November

Details of the course are at the bottom of this page.

Use this form to book on.  If you need assistance please email the Learning and Development Team.

I want to use the resource but need to have some support as to how to run and/or adapt it.

Church of England Birmingham longs to see every Christians equipped and envisioned for whatever calling God has for them, but knows that our discipleship is the foundation for everything. ‘Way of Discipleship’ offers you a way to know you are being nurtured in your faith, and a resource you can use to develop others.

If you would like to explore more or have support/training in running one or more of the courses, you can join a monthly online session called “Making the most of Way of Discipleship”.

The sessions are one hour, but with the possibility of ongoing mentoring/training according to your needs.

They are on Tuesdays at 3pm or 7pm (occasionally 6pm).  The link for the 3pm session is https://zoom.us/j/98156700270 and for 6/7pm: https://zoom.us/j/97637938761

Dates for sessions in 2022 are Tuesdays: 26 July, 23 August, 13 September, 25 October, 22 November or 13 December (3 and 6pm).

If you can’t make those feel free to contact Guy Donegan-Cross who will be delighted to support in any way he can.

How do I find out more?

Please email Guy Donegan-Cross and he would be delighted to speak with you. 

What if I am exploring becoming a Reader, or another licensed/authorised ministry, or ordination?

Participating in Way of Discipleship (and Way of Servant Leadership) is a good way of deepening discipleship for all Christians, and a foundational option for those wanting to engage in the learning required for authorised ministry - including Reader and Lay Pastoral Teams, as well as those exploring ordained Ministry. One of the benefits of Way of Discipleship is that it runs throughout the year, and you can join in at various points. You can also do it over 1, 2 or 3 years if necessary.

The next online course details:

'Being with God' is the first module in the 'Way of Discipleship' course.

It shapes our thinking by helping us grow in our understanding of what daily discipleship is, who God is, and understanding the kind of relationship God wants with us.

It shapes our living by exploring and living out the practices through which we can be “with God”: worship, prayer, living with the Bible, and living a life of balance.

It will increase your discipleship confidence, and your sense of walking daily with God.

Session 1: Being with God:  Starting on the Way. What is a disciple? How do disciples grow? Can I really be a disciple? 

Session 2:  Being with God: Discipleship and God. What is at the heart of a disciple’s relationship with God? How does this shape who I am as a disciple? Can I really know God? How is that possible? Isn’t God beyond us? How much can we know? Why is God “Father, Son, Spirit”? Why do we call God “Father”? What will help me experience God’s love? 

Session 3:  Being with God: What does daily discipleship look like? Why is paying attention to God at the heart of being a disciple? Why is knowing God’s teaching and putting it into practice at the heart of being a disciple? Why is living in God’s grace so essential? Who am I and what difference does it make? 

Session 4:  Being with God in Worship: What are practices? What is worship and why do we do it? What are two ways to grow in joy? Why are sacraments important in worship and being with God? 

Session 5:  Being with God in Prayer: What is prayer? Why is it difficult? Does my personality affect the way I pray? What different ways are there to help me pray? 

Session 6:  Being with God through Scripture: How can I understand Scripture? How can I listen to God through it? Where do I start? 

Session 7:  Being with God in a balanced life: How do live a good rhythm of life? What does God require of me? How can I be truly fruitful?