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CofE Birmingham is a wonderful story of continuous ‘start-ups’. We have an established history of waves of church planting at the heart of communities. In the mid 1940s, this vision led to building the church hall before the church building itself, in emerging areas of new housing, providing a place to meet at the ‘centre of the circle’.

Every church in our diocese is the result of efforts, at some point in history, to establish a congregation, create a place of welcome, engage missionally and encourage Christian discipleship across a breadth of traditions.

There are over 1.5 million people in our CofE Birmingham and just 2% of them are connecting with our churches. That 2% is made up of committed disciples who have faithfully served their churches and communities for decades. We have a mission to serve and reach out to the other 98%. Many of our models of inherited church are not, and may never, connect with certain people.

At the heart of church planting is commitment to reach new people, in new places, in new ways, focused in three key opportunities:

  1. Enabling churches to consider church planting as part of their mission strategy
  2. Exploring opportunities for a church to embrace revitalization initiatives through welcoming a leader and a group of people
  3. Actively seeking areas of new housing or unchurched locations with growing communities, for which the parish system is not currently giving adequate provision

If you are interested in exploring church planting, please contact Jon Turner.

Church Planting Stories

Birmingham has planted churches in wide and diverse settings. Click the link to watch a film telling the story of one of our church plants 

Anchor Church


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