Key Documents

Key Documents and Links referred to:


Becoming a Church of England Academy

Admissions and Appeals (school places)

Admissions Code of Practice December 2014

School Admissions Appeals Code of Practice February 2012

Agreed Guidance for Admissions Policies

Model Admissions Policy October 2020

Appeals Timetable CofE Birmingham February 2021

Suggested ToR for Admissions Committees


Affiliated Schools FAQs

Draft model Agreement Affiliation

Birmingham Diocesan Board of Education (DBE)

Birmingham DBE Board and Committee Membership and ToR for Triennium 2019-21

Diocesan Board of Education Measure 1991

Signed Order

Birmingham DBE Business Plan 2019-21

A Diocesan Board of Education for the Future (2013)

Church School of the Future Review (2012)

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Birmingham Diocesan Multi-Academy Trust (BDMAT)

Link to the BDMAT Website

Church of England Birmingham Vision Mission & Purpose

CofE Vision for Education: Deeply Christian, Serving the Common Good 2016

Church Schools Partnership Framework Offer 2020-21

Head Letter Renewal Partnership Agreement 2020-21

Church of England Education Office (formerly the National Society)

Fruit of the Spirit: A Church of England Discussion Paper on Character Education (2015)

Working Together: The Future of Rural Church of England Schools (2014)

Making a Difference? A Review of Religious Education in Church of England Schools (2014)

Valuing All God's Children (2017)

The Public Face of God (2014)

A Diocesan Board of Education for the Future (2013)

The Church School of the Future Review (2012)

Unlocking Gifts Report (2016)

Mental Health & Wellbeing Guidance (2018)

Church Schools Serving Diverse Communities

Church Schools Serving Diverse Communities

Collective Worship (CW)

Model Policy for Collective Worship

List of Collective Worship Resource Recommendations

Advice for clergy and visitors leading Collective Worship

CPD: Current Training & Development Opportunities

Summary for 2019/20 Academic Year

Flyer 1: NQT Training

Flyer 2: RQT Training

Flyer 3: Building Blocks to School Leadership

Flyer 4: Early Years

Flyer 5: RE Coordinators Conference


Code of Practice for Members of a Church of England Governing Body

Governors Hand Book 2018 (current)

Application form to become a Governor

Our Schools

List of schools (with websites links)

Location map

Link to Ofsted Website

Link to CofE SIAMS Website

Our Offer

The NQT Promise

Prayer & Good Practice Examples

Traditional prayers written by adults

Prayers written by Children in Birmingham Church Schools

Prayer Spaces in action: St Francis, Bournville

Prayer Spaces in action: St Matthew’s, Smethwick

Link to website: Prayer Spaces in Schools


Link to our Recruitment Film

Religious Education (RE)

RE: Intended Outcomes (Birmingham Diocese document)

Interpretations of Spiritual Development in the Classroom

Sentence stems for promoting respectful speaking and listening in Religious Education

Model Policy for RE

Model Lesson Observation Sheet

Developing Values

Church of England Birmingham: Vision and Values

Every Child Matters to God


Links to the safeguarding sections on websites of the Local Authorities in Birmingham Diocese

SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican & Methodist Schools)

Link to CEEO SIAMS website page