People & Places

People & Places is the framework in which Church of England Birmingham operates to enable its leaders and to live out its vision for 'growing churches at the heart of each community'.

The traditional model where each church is led by a single 'vicar' is not solely sufficient to serve the people of our diverse, urban and rural region.

Instead, every Christian community will have a trained leader (who may be a clergy person) as the focus for a ministry team. This team encompasses the range of required roles, as identified by expression of church. Leadership and resources are no longer allocated by parish boundaries. The new framework enables them to be shared more fairly across all worshipping communities and form a supporting network.

This model is intended to enable growth and recognise and equip God's people to be capable disciples and leaders. It allows for fair and generous distribution of resources and contributes towards a sustainable future for all the people and places of Church of England Birmingham.

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Praying for People & Places

Prayer is at the heart of the People & Places programme.  Every workshop, meeting or discussion relating to P&P includes an element of worship and prayer, although a greater, more focused wave of prayer is encouraged - there can never be enough. 

The initial phase of People & Places included many PCC, Deanery and Chapter conversations which gave us valuable time to come together in God's presence and listen as we worked through each component of the programme. There were also various dedicated People & Places prayer events and further events will be planned as we move forward in realising our goals.

As we form our project teams to deliver the next phase of People & Places, we have ensured that there is plenty of time for reflection, allowing us the opportunity to give thanks for the achievements thus far; and to listen to and be guided by God on this journey of growing His kingdom.

The People & Places Prayer

Gracious and merciful God, as we pray for the future of Church of England - Birmingham, we thank you that the whole earth, its people and places, are equally precious to you.

By your Spirit, equip us to meet the challenges of these times with generosity and courage; hold our fears and uncertainties in your love, and grant us the needful gifts of grace to share your love and reflect your light throughout our communities.

In the name of our Saviour, Jesus Christ,


Prayers for this Year

There are many things we will be praying for this year. We would be grateful if you could include these in your prayers too.

  • Provision of time to think and then act
  • Generosity of spirit
  • Wisdom & courage
  • Our six deaneries
  • Recommitment for the next phase of People & Places
  • Holy Spirit to build the kingdom through Transforming Church/P&P

The Community Of St John The Divine

The Community of St John The Divine are a religious order which have a longstanding relationship with the diocese and Bishop. They are based in Marston Green and pray for People & Places every week.

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