Flex - Ministry & Mission with Children, Families & Young People


Flex is for anyone who is interested in working with young people and children, whether you are paid, voluntary, part of a youth and children’s work team or connecting with children and young people in your community. Flex is for you even if you have never done anything with children and young people before but are wanting to.

Flex is designed to help you develop skills and knowledge around connecting with children and young people in your contexts.


“I think this is the start of something that is really beneficial. The modules that are on offer are helpful to reflect on your personal practice”

Flex learner


Flex is ‘you-shaped’ that means no pressure, you can sign up to as many or as few learning opportunities as you like, at your own pace. Design your own Flex journey thinking about your level of experience, how much time you can commit & what you hope to achieve.


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Flex is full of variety.

Our six themes follow the Areas of Transformation, that as a diocese we are all working towards:  Relationship, Discipleship, Leadership, Presence, Outreach and Partnerships. There are over 20 learning opportunities for you to choose from that span these six themes, each with its own style of learning from:

  • Gathered sessions – attending group sessions with other Flex learners, in person or online.
  • Online activities – watching videos and reflecting or submitting work
  • Independent study - reading a book or listening to a podcast or watching a film


The Flex pathway is made up of core and optional learning experiences, our core pathway can be found in Paths to Ministry & Mission with Children, Families & Young People – Flex, which you can explore by clicking the title which is linked to the space. Then you can choose optional modules from Tracks to build up your own pathway, learning experiences in Tracks use tags and the Areas of Transformation to help guide your pathway and make the choices that are right for you.

You can explore the core Flex pathway by heading to Paths to Ministry & Mission with Children, Families & Young People – Flex and heading here for Tracks.

Flex is constantly growing and overtime more topics will become available to you, helping you to grow and develop. In addition to all of this you will be paired with a mentor to support and encourage you throughout your learning journey.

Flex is free to those associated with Church of England Birmingham


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